Sunflower Corporate Team


Amy Burgoon, Kansas Program Manager, Vice President

Lee A Fisher, President and Founder

​Kristie A Haynes, Vice President of Personnel Services


Sunflower Child Support Services, LLC began it's first full service child support contract in September 2013 for the State of Kansas.  The Sunflower corporate team has over 50 years of Child Support Experience from Call Centers, Enforcement, Establishment, Finance, Legal, Intergovernmental, to Full Services.    

Currently Sunflower handles IVD Full Child Support Services in 6 Judicial Districts in the State of Kansas that encompasses 33 counties that spread from Colorado, all along the Nebraska border to Missouri, with offices located in Hays and Manhattan. 

Sunflower handles NIVD Child Support Enforcement as the 23rd & 24th Judicial District Court Trustee out of the Hays Trustee Office.